As a family, we adore our dogs and they bring us much joy and importantly are part of our family. We enjoy showing our Labradors at  Specialty conformation shows in our free time. I do not go to All-Breed shows (such as Westminster) unless a Labrador breeder is the judge that given day. Usually, at a Specialty show, the judges are Labrador breeders themselves and the Labrador Clubs bring judges from all over the world to judge at the show. For me to exhibit the dogs I have bred to another Labrador breeder and to "make the cut" or "be in the ribbons" means much more to me than paying someone to put a championship on my dog.

Every litter we breed is carefully thought out and planned.  We strive to breed a sound, healthy Labrador with exceptional temperament...this is our gold standard and will accept nothing less. (Their good looks is just a bonus LOL). We do extensive genetic testing and orthopedic testing on our dogs (or those that we breed to) also have those high standards. 


When we have a litter, it is our intent to keep a puppy or 2 for ourselves and it is our hope that we have a puppy / dog to show in the future and be part of our breeding program. We use the AKC breed standard as guidance for our breeding program. Breeding is part art and part science. I have a vision in my head of what the perfect Labrador looks like and the puppies I keep are the best match to the picture in my head. The puppies we do not keep are sold to pet homes. This does not mean they are inferior in any way, just that they just are not what is in my head (LOL).